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Vow Renewals

'He has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years.'

Queen Elizabeth II when talking about Prince Philip

Falling in love is such as magical thing.  It is about waiting excitedly for the next phone call or text message of love, it is those first photos shared as a couple on social media...it is a time when your heart soars at the mere sight of the person who has become so important to you.


Staying in love is harder and should be celebrated.


Imagine how special it would be to renew you vows, to tell each other how much they are loved but this time in front of new friends, children and grandchildren and of course the original wedding guests.


My job is not to replace your wedding day but to give you a new day to remember and celebrate the love you have shared for so many years.


As with a wedding, we will plan the perfect day to celebrate both the old and the new.


I can't wait to hear your story and share it with those you hold most dear.