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Naming Ceremonies

Me with my mother, Big Nana, father and sister.


Choosing a name is a tricky thing.  We all look at baby names and try hard to find a name that both agree on that is suitable.  My mother had named my sister Helen, which is taken from the Greek meaning 'light' and my father was to name me.  He wanted to call me Roy, after his own father, but my mother didn't like the name.  Roy comes from Celtic origin and means red which suited me with my ginger hair!  My mother said that I would be called Roy if dad could find a middle name that worked with it.  She didn't think he would find a name but he came back with Roy Anthony (which means priceless one).  She agreed that this was a good, solid name and that became me!  Now Helen has lots of names; she is most often called Hellie or Bells.  Me...I am Roy.  There is not very much you can do with it.

But it suits me.

My reason for telling you the origin of my name is to help you reflect on the importance and the meaning of the name you choose for your beautiful baby.  Once you have chosen the name and have chosen to have a naming ceremony then I will work with you to plan the best way to introduce your baby to your friends and family.

The celebration is to signal to all that your family has grown and we will discuss how to share your joy.  This could be through identifying people who you know will be important to your child as they grow (my son has several 'fairy godmothers') and you may want to explain why they are important and how they will play a significant part in your child's life.  You may want to include grandparents and show your respect for their parenting which helps you feel confident as you find your way through bottles, nappies and sleepless nights!  You may want me to explain why you have chosen a particular name and the significance it has to you both.

The day is yours to welcome your beautiful baby into the world.

"I have no name: I am but two days old. What shall I call thee? I happy am, joy is my name. Sweet joy befall thee!"

William Blake